Message from the Director
Revised 5/01/02

To: Faculty, Staff and Students at the University of Kentucky

Service is our most important product of the Physical Plant Division.

The Physical Plant serves students, faculty, and staff by maintaining the campus buildings and grounds. Our skilled craftspeople, mechanics, and maintenance employees maintain our facilities, repair equipment, maintain the beauty of our lawns and shrubbery, clean facilities and provide heating, cooling and electrical power.

The mission of PPD is to provide support services for instructional, research, and public service functions of the University of Kentucky. Support services include maintenance and operation of facilities and grounds, utilities, minor renovations, and other related services. Our goal is to provide the UK community with the best possible service in a comfortable, functional and safe environment.

This brochure outlines PPD's functions and procedures. It is designed to provide helpful information to you. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as we plan ahead for more and better ways to serve you -- our customer.

Physical Plant Director

EMERGENCIES - The Physical Plant Division maintains a 24 hour a day 365 days a year telephone service. Any emergencies occurring during office hours of 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. can be reported to Physical Plant by calling the Work Control Center at 257-3844, Monday through Friday. After office hours, on weekends, and holidays - call the Delta Control Center at 257-2830 or 257-3844. The Delta Control Center is a computerized center which operates and monitors the Energy Management Computer and responds to problems on campus.

Physical Plant also has a telephone information line you may call at 257-3875.
For more information about the Physical Plant Division, please refer to our Web Site
Note: The Medical Center and the University Housing Departments are not part of the Physical Plant Division.

To Place a Work Request Phone: 257-3844

- Sometimes referred to as the Job Order Desk, this department receives and processes work order requests, and assigns jobs to the appropriate shop. Work Order copies are sent to you and to the appropriate shop(s). A scheduler will schedule the jobs and his/her name will
appear on the work order. The scheduler can also provide progress information of a particular job. Requests for estimates or renovation work should be made in writing, either by memo, e-mail, web, or fax (323-3277). All requests should include: 1) name of person making the request; 2) department and
phone number; 3) location and description of work to be done; 4) a contact person, building, room number and phone number; and 5) account number and object code. The mailing address and telephone number for requests is: Work Control Office (257-3844 or 257-8500), Room 233, Peterson Service
Building, Campus, 0005. The e-mail address for requests is or Our website address is


AIR CONDITIONING/REFRIGERATION & SHEET METAL - Air Conditioning/Refrigeration provides installation, service and maintenance of air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, growth chambers, centrifuges and cryogenic equipment. Sheet Metal provides fabrication, design, service and
maintenance of exhaust systems, fume hoods, fire dampers, louvers, grills, diffusers, metal screens and campus signs.

BUILDING OPERATORS - are responsible for the general routine maintenance and preventive maintenance of building equipment, lighting systems, heating and cooling systems, and plumbing systems within a building. The Delta Control (computerized Facility Management System) Center monitors
and responds to problems on campus. The Building Systems Task Force is responsible for installing and repairing all HVAC Control Systems. Water Quality is responsible for all swimming pools and water treatment systems.

CABINET, CARPENTRY, MASONRY - Cabinetry builds, repairs, and installs cabinets, tables, shelving, furniture, drop boxes, racks, chalkboards, replaces formica, frames pictures, molding and casework. Carpentry installs, repairs, and maintains rough/finish carpentry, ceilings, metal/wood stud
walls, frames, doors/closures, locks, caulking, floor tile, base door operators, and door hardware. Masonry installs and repairs blacktop, sidewalks, parking lots, curbs, gutters, ramps, concrete steps, brick, block, stone, plaster, ceramic tile, door frames and handrails.

CUSTODIAL SERVICES - Cleans and sanitizes restrooms, offices, and public areas; stocks restrooms; strips and buffs floors; vacuums and shampoos carpet, empties trash and cleans windows, removes snow/ice from building steps and cleans exterior light fixtures. The Utility Crew cleans, repairs and
installs venetian blinds; cleans upholstery; cuts, installs and shampoos mats at building entrances; installs restroom fixtures; responds to emergency flooding; resurfaces wood floors and washes windows, etc.

ELECTRIC - Operates, installs, tests, maintains and repairs high and medium voltage distribution systems, indoor/outdoor/recreational/emergency/security/walkway lighting, time clocks, electric meters and motors, receptacles, breaker panels, transformers, underground wire, manhole pumps, emergency
generators, phone conduit, computer power conditioners, robot hookups, and light dimmers.

ELECTRONICS - Provides life safety equipment for various systems including fire alarms, security, card access, emergency power, radio communications, facility management and central station fire and security reporting equipment. Installs, maintains, operates, tests, and repairs public address systems.
Simplex clocks, satellite dishes, intercom systems, TV's, stereos, radios, smoke detectors, class bells, sprinklers, rooftop antennas, motion detectors, elevator phones, pagers, swimming pool controls, stadium and coliseum scoreboards.

GARAGE - Provides mechanical services for approximately 161 Physical Plant vehicles and 324 vehicles from other departments including disabled vehicle maintenance and preventive maintenance. Performs repairs on emergency generator systems; performs annual bus inspections, the specification and
preparation of new vehicles; responsible for vehicle body work, vehicle inventory records, car wash, ticket control, service welders and backhoe air compressors; provides towing services. Repair, fabricate golf carts to customer specs.

GROUNDS - Provides turf/landscape care and maintenance, landscape design, estimating, and installation, snow and ice removal, disease diagnoses and prevention for living plants. It is responsible for campus storm drainage control, trash and leaf removal, and parking structure maintenance. Horticulture
services are also provided for the care and pruning of trees and the maintenance of the University Arboretum.

HEATING & COOLING - Furnishes steam and chilled water for Lexington Campus, Medical Center, and Lexington Community College. Our staff operates 2 central steam plants and 3 central chilled water plants, which include 4 coal boilers, 4 natural gas/fuel oil boilers and 23 electric chillers with a
total of 36,000 tons of cooling capacity. They operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

KEY SHOP - Responsible for approximately 15,200 different keys. Locksmiths cut and issue keys, receive returned keys, process deposits and refunds, repair and replace damaged locksets, latches and knobs, re-key cores, and program computerized lock sets. They develop new or revised keying systems
for old and new buildings.

PAINT/UPHOLSTERY/ROOFING - Painters paint campus lots/curbs and the interior/exterior of rooms/buildings; finish/refinish equipment/furniture; remove and install wallcoverings; glass/glazing of desktops and mirrors; replace and maintain traffic control signs/devices; design, and construct
laminated signs, campus identification signs, name tags; deskplates, banners and room numbers which are installed when needed. Upholstery craftspeople repair upholstery, make custom coordinated upholstery, and vehicle upholstery seats. They also make, repair, and install window shades, fabricate tarps, banners, etc. Roofers repair and install roofs, gutters and downspouts. They also perform preventive maintenance such as painting, coating and leaf cleaning of roofs and gutters.

PLUMBING/WELDING - Plumbers' renovation and construction and repair work includes systems such as domestic water, natural gas, heating (forced air gas, hot water heat, steam heat), sanitary/storm drainage, acid waste, mechanical systems (pumps/compressors) and fire sprinklers. Other operations
include repairs to condensate/steam lines, central chilled water lines, air and vacuum lines, and HVAC fans and coils. Welders are responsible for pipe fitting installation and repairs, fabricating McQuire Gates, brackets and hangers, campus sign hanging devices, barricades, bicycle racks, hand rails and
guard rails; responsible for welding repairs to University vehicles, athletic training equipment and overhead doors.

TRUCKING/GARBAGE COLLECTION/RECYCLING/PEST CONTROL - Trucking provides pickup and delivery services, moves equipment/furniture, sets up for special events, and picks up surplus property. Garbage Collection involves emptying dumpsters and removing loose trash. Recycling
provides the services of collecting and removing about 65 tons of paper products each month. The recycling operation recovered over 1,600 tons from UK's wastestream in 2001. For more information, see our webpage: Pest Control provides the following services: insect
control, rodent control and live trapping.


ACCOUNTING - This office is responsible for billing customers for services provided by PPD on a recharge basis. These are services for which Physical Plant does not receive a budget allocation and must be paid for by the requesting department. Inquiries regarding bills for service should be directed to the Accounting Office at 7-3693. The mailing address is 204 Peterson Service Building. The number one goal of Physical Plant is to provide quality services to members of the UK community at a reasonable cost. PPD works hard to overcome the rising costs of labor, materials and overhead, while providing you with the best possible services. Services provided by PPD are charged to work order cost accounts and then billed to the responsible funding account/department on a monthly basis. All labor services provided by PPD are billed at standard labor rates to the responsible department, whether PPD's account or a University department.

CONSERVATION - The conservation of water, electricity, steam and all of our resources is one of the most important responsibilities of the University community. When you conserve, it means dollar savings to the University. Concentrated efforts have been made by Physical Plant to develop energy-saving programs, including computerized controls of certain energy-consuming devices on campus. However, the basic responsibility and challenge for energy conservation rests with you. Remember to do your part - accept your share of the challenge. Together we can make a difference for our future.

DIVISION LIBRARY - Our Physical Plant Library contains original documents dated from 1950 to present, which include contract documents, specifications, shop drawings, key drawings and maintenance and operation manuals of most University of Kentucky buildings. Copies of many library items are available in limited quantities (enlargements, reductions, photocopying, etc.) Information on these documents can be obtained by calling 257-8501 or visiting PPD's website at

ENGINEERING GRAPHICS - Physical Plant maintains building key drawings, campus maps, outside/underground utility maps, general building information (construction data, square footage, etc.), and miscellaneous renovation and special project drawings involving PPD craft shops. Building
key drawings show basic floor plans indicating walls, door and window openings, room numbers, auditorium seating, etc. These drawings are available in two sizes (17" x 22" - scaled; 8 1/2" x 11" - not to scale). Many are available in ACAD format. Copies of these drawings and maps are available in limited quantities. Contact the Engineering Graphics Department at 257-8503.

RENOVATION/CONSTRUCTION - Our Renovation and Construction Office provides engineering and architectural services such as research, planning, designing and estimating projects involving PPD craft shops and outside contractors. This office also schedules and coordinates many large multi-craft projects involving fund commitments up to $100,000. Requests for estimates can be sent either in writing or on a Renovation Request Form (a University form available campus-wide) to the Work Control Center, Room 233, Peterson Service Building.

SAFETY - Physical Plant strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. Recognizing, evaluating, and recommending control measures for potential problems are part of our work. The selection and fitting of employee personal protective equipment is handled through PPD Safety. There are over 600 emergency eyewashes and showers on the campus requiring monthly testing and maintenance. PPD Safety, with the help from the Building Operators, conducts these tests. Evaluating, monitoring, and recommending control measures for indoor air quality problems are handled through a liaison relationship with the other safety and health divisions on campus. PPD Safety provides safety and health training for new and current employees annually. The Physical Plant also provides the testing and removal of asbestos and lead paint. Periodic inspections are conducted for compliance with underground storage tanks, ground water, and PCB transformers. For assistance, please call 257-9377.

SPECIAL EVENTS - Physical Plant provides staff services and equipment for anyone holding a special event on campus, such as pickup and delivery services, rental and set-up of folding tables, chairs, trash barrels, risers, staging, lecterns, Kentucky and American flags, electrical power, water, PA systems, etc. All arrangements should be made through the Manager of Operations' Office by calling 257-8491.