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eFacTS Building List

0001Taylor Education Bldg597 S Upper St
0003Research Facility #1111 Washington Ave
0004Central Heating Plant #2598 S Upper St
0005Frank D. Peterson Service Bldg411 S Limestone St
0009Patterson Hall335 S Martin Luther King Blvd
0012Blazer Dining343 S. Martin Luther King Blvd
0014Hilary J. Boone Center500 Rose St
0015William B. Sturgill Development Bldg450 Rose St
0016Gatehouse KY Clinic140 Huguelet Dr
0017Dickey Hall251 Scott St
0019Memorial Coliseum201 Ave of Champions
0020Engineering Transportation Research Garage531 S Limestone St
0021Old Engineers Residence421 Rose St
0022Fine Arts Guignol Bldg465 Rose St
0023Safety & Security305 Euclid Ave
0024Lafferty Hall150 Patterson Dr
0025White Hall Classroom Bldg140 Patterson Dr
0027Patterson Office Tower120 Patterson Dr
0028Barker Hall408 Administration Dr
0031Frazee Hall406 Administration Dr
0032Main Building410 Administration Dr
0033Ezra Gillis Bldg502 Administration Dr
0034Carol Martin Gatton Business & Economics Bldg550 S Limestone St
0035Miller Hall504 Administration Dr
0038Engineering Annex169 Funkhouser Dr
0039Margaret I. King Library179 Funkhouser Dr
0040Maxwell Place471 Rose St
0041Pence Hall175 Funkhouser Dr
0042Grehan Building167 Funkhouser Dr
0043S. J. Sam Whalen Bldg533 S. Limestone St
0044Kastle Hall171 Funkhouser Dr
0045McVey Hall155 Graham Ave
0046Anderson Hall Tower512 Administration Dr
0047C. W. Mathews Bldg606 S Limestone St
0048University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law620 S Limestone St
0049Memorial Hall610 S Limestone St
0050Erikson Hall135 Graham Ave
0051Mineral Industries Bldg120 Graham Ave
0052Terrell Civil Engineering Bldg140 Graham Ave
0053Slone Research Bldg121 Washington Ave
0054Funkhouser Bldg160 Funkhouser Dr
0055Chemistry-Physics Building505 Rose St
0056Breckinridge Hall168 Funkhouser Dr
0057Kinkead Hall172 Funkhouser Dr
0058Bradley Hall545 Rose St
0059Bowman Hall565 Rose St
0061Tobacco Research Laboratory150 Washington Ave
0063Shed By Ecological Research1685 Russell Cave Rd
0064Scovell Hall115 Huguelet Dr
0065Small Animal Lab150 Huguelet Dr
0066Agronomy Head House152 Huguelet Dr
0067Chi Omega Sorority456 Rose St
0068Delta Delta Delta Sorority468 Rose St
0069Alpha Delta Pi Sorority476 Rose St
0073Thomas Poe Cooper Bldg730 Rose St
0074Shively Track & Field Stadium698 Sports Center Dr
0075Kelley Hall360 Huguelet Dr
0076Dimock Animal Pathology1081 Veterans Drive
0077653 Maxwelton Ct653 Maxwelton Ct
0078Med Center Annex #51096 Veterans Drive
0081Cooker Trailer Storage680 Rose St
0082Multi-Disciplinary Science Building (MDS)725 Rose St
0084Gatehouse Roach Bldg750 Rose St
0085Medical Center Heating and Cooling Plant151 Hospital Drive
0086Medical Behavioral Science Building1100 Veterans Drive
0087Medical Center Storage Facility1530 College Way
0088Agriculture Motor Pool1505 College Way
0089Cooling Plant #1195 Hospital Drive
0090Art and Visual Studies Building236 Bolivar St
0091Agriculture Science Center North1100 South Limestone Street
0092Seed House150 Hospital Drive
0093Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility (Pavilion CC)750 Rose St
0094Cooper House1312 Nicholasville Rd
0095Frances Jewell Hall344 S Martin Luther King Blvd
0096Dorothy Enslow Combs Cancer Research Building744 Rose St
0097E. S. Good Barn1451 University Dr
0098Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson Cancer Facility for Women (Pavilion WH)740 Rose St
0099Gluck Equine Research Bldg1400 Nicholasville Rd
0100Haggin Hall325 Huguelet Dr
0101Reynolds Warehouse #1349 Scott St
0102Reynolds Warehouse #2351 Scott St
0104Chellgren Hall720 Woodland Ave
0107Mining & Minerals Resources Bldg504 Rose St
0108Center for Robotics & Manufacturing Systems143 Graham Ave
0109Wendell & Vickie Bell Soccer Complex550 Wildcat Ct
0110Maintenance Bldg (Athletics)704 Sports Center Dr
0113Shively Sports Center712 Sports Center Dr
0116Seigler Hall (UAV Shed)Hedger Ln
0117Soccer Filming Tower570 Wildcat Ct
0119Helen King Alumni Building400 Rose St
0120Woodland Glen II650 Woodland Ave
0121Sigma Nu Fraternity422 Rose Lane
0122Delta Gamma Sorority450 Pennsylvania Ave
0123Georgia M. Blazer Hall326 S Martin Luther King Blvd
0124Delta Zeta Sorority319 Columbia Terrace
0125Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority329 Columbia Terrace
0126Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity327 Columbia Terrace
0127Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority325 Columbia Terrace
0128Kappa Delta Sorority323 Columbia Terrace
0129Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity321 Columbia Terrace
0139The 90440 Hilltop Ave
0141New Farmhouse Fraternity456 Rose Ln
0143Blanding II763 Woodland Ave
0144Blanding III765 Woodland Ave
0145Blanding Tower769 Woodland Ave
0146Blanding IV767 Woodland Ave
0147Complex Commons770 Woodland Ave
0148Kirwan IV756 Woodland Ave
0149Kirwan Tower758 Woodland Ave
0150Kirwan III754 Woodland Ave
0151Kirwan II752 Woodland Ave
0152Kirwan I750 Woodland Ave
0153Blanding I761 Woodland Ave
0154Head House150 Hospital Drive
0155Greenhouse No 2150 Hospital Drive
0156Greenhouse No 4150 Hospital Drive
0157Greenhouse No 7150 Hospital Drive
0158Greenhouse No 5150 Hospital Drive
0159Greenhouse No 3150 Hospital Drive
0160Greenhouse No 1150 Hospital Drive
0161Greenhouse No 9150 Hospital Drive
0162Greenhouse No 11150 Hospital Drive
0163Greenhouse No 6150 Hospital Drive
0164Greenhouse No 12150 Hospital Drive
0166Gatehouse Administration Dr520 Administration Dr
0167Gatehouse Rose & Chem/Physics525 Rose St
0172Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity470 Rose Ln
0173Gatehouse Med Plaza140 Huguelet Dr
0174Don & Cathy Jacobs Science Building680 Rose St
0175Gatehouse Med Plaza140 Huguelet Dr
0176Gatehouse Ky Clinic140 Huguelet Dr
0178Gatehouse Young Library449 Hilltop Ave
0181Woodland Glen III685 Sports Center Dr
0183Isolation Barn1531 College Way
0184Agricultural Machine Research Lab411 Stadium View
0186Woodland Glen IV703 Sports Center Dr
0188Woodland Glen V693 Sports Center Dr
0189Shawneetown Bldg A1608 University Court
0190Shawneetown Bldg B1608 University Court
0191Shawneetown Bldg D1608 University Court
0192Shawneetown Bldg F1608 University Court
0193Shawneetown Bldg E1608 University Court
0194Shawneetown Bldg C1608 University Court
0196Band Viewing Tower726 Sports Center Dr
0197Parking Garage No 11290 Veterans Drive
0198Parking Garage No 2301 Hilltop Ave
0199Parking Garage No 3140 Huguelet Dr
0200Wethington Allied Health Building900 S. Limestone
0202Parking Garage No 5409 S Limestone St
0204Cooling Plant #2591 S Upper St
0207Arts Metal Bldg357 Scott St
0210Reynolds Warehouse #4355 Scott St
0211Maxwell Place Garage475 Rose St
0212Lancaster Aquatics416 Complex Dr
0213Boone Tennis Center454 Complex Dr
0214Flammable Storage Bldg148 Graham Ave
0215W. P. Garrigus Bldg325 Cooper Dr
0216Multi-Disciplinary Research Lab No 3700 S. Limestone
0217Electric Substation #2587 S. Upper St
0219Seaton Center1210 University Dr
0220Bernard Johnson Student Rec Ctr430 Complex Dr
0222Kroger Field1540 University Dr
0223Warren Wright Medical Plaza745 Rose St
0224Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library160 Patterson Dr
0225T H Morgan Biological Sciences675 Rose St
0227Recreation Equipment Storage Bldg452 Complex Dr
0229Agricultural Distribution Center412 Stadium View
0230Sanders-Brown Center on Aging800 S Limestone St
0232College of Nursing Building751 Rose Street
0235John W Oswald Bldg460 Cooper Dr
0236Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center1401 University Dr
0241Singletary Center for the Arts405 Rose St
0243Greg Page Apartments 1300 Alumni Dr
0244Greg Page Apartments 2300 Alumni Dr
0245Greg Page Apartments 3300 Alumni Dr
0246Greg Page Apartments 4300 Alumni Dr
0247Greg Page Apartments 5300 Alumni Dr
0248Greg Page Apartments 6300 Alumni Dr
0249Greg Page Apartments 7300 Alumni Dr
0250Greg Page Apartments 8300 Alumni Dr
0252Greg Page Apartments 10300 Alumni Dr
0253Greg Page Apartments 11300 Alumni Dr
0254Greg Page Apartments 12300 Alumni Dr
0255Greg Page Apartments 13300 Alumni Dr
0256Greg Page Apartments 14300 Alumni Dr
0257Greg Page Apartments 15300 Alumni Dr
0258Greg Page Apartments 16300 Alumni Dr
0259Greg Page Apartments 17300 Alumni Dr
0260Greg Page Apartments 18300 Alumni Dr
0261Greg Page Apartments 19300 Alumni Dr
0262Greg Page Apartments 20300 Alumni Dr
0263Greg Page Apartments 21300 Alumni Dr
0264Greg Page Apartments 22300 Alumni Dr
0265Greg Page Apartments 23300 Alumni Dr
0266Greg Page Apartments 24300 Alumni Dr
0267Greg Page Apartments 25300 Alumni Dr
0268Greg Page Food Storage Laundry300 Alumni Dr Suite 213
0269Communications Building430 Stadium View
0274Moloney Building450 Cooper Dr
0275Bruce Poundstone Regulatory Services Bldg1600 University Ct
0276Charles E. Barnhart Building1398 Nicholasville Rd
0277EJ Nutter Training Center720 Sports Center Dr
0278PPD Storage Bldg435 Stadium View
0279BIRP Building460 Stadium View
0280Joe Craft Football Training Facility295 Alumni Dr
0281Oliver H. Raymond Civil Engineering508 Administration Dr
0282Gas Storage Building390 Columbia Ave
0283Hagan Baseball Stadium700 Sports Center Dr
0284Kentucky Clinic740 S Limestone St
0285Nutter Field House1401 Sports Center Dr
0286ASTeCC145 Graham Ave
0288PPD Greenhouse455 Stadium View
0289Stadium View Storage Building475 Stadium View
0293UK Hospital - Chandler Medical Center & Hospital (Pavilion H)800 Rose St
0294Gill Heart and Vascular Institute (Pavilion G)842 Rose Street
0297Dental Science Bldg800 Rose St
0298William R. Willard Medical Education Bldg800 Rose St
0300Arboretum Tool Shed510 Alumni Dr
0301154 Bonnie Brae Dr154 Bonnie Brae Dr
0302Dorotha Smith Oatts Visitor Center500 Alumni Dr
0303Arboretum Restrooms520 Alumni Dr
0305Peter P. Bosomworth Health Sciences Research Bldg1095 Veterans Drive
0308Hospital Smoking Shelter800 Rose St
0312Plant Sciences1405 Veterans Dr
0314252 East Maxwell St252 East Maxwell St
0315206 East Maxwell St206 East Maxwell St
0333641 South Limestone St641 South Limestone St
0336Thomas D Clark Bldg663 South Limestone St
0343Bingham Davis House218 E Maxwell St
0344RAYMOND F. BETTS HOUSE232 E Maxwell St
0345Max Kade German House and Cultural Center212 E Maxwell St
0346654 Maxwelton Ct654 Maxwelton Ct
0347624 Maxwelton Ct624 Maxwelton Ct
0348626 Maxwelton Ct626 Maxwelton Ct
0349641 Maxwelton Ct641 Maxwelton Ct
0350643 Maxwelton Ct643 Maxwelton Ct
0351644 Maxwelton Ct644 Maxwelton Ct
0353520 Oldham Ct520 Oldham Ct.
0377319 Rose Lane319 Rose Lane
0378321 Rose Lane321 Rose Lane
0382Sky Blue Solar House1313 Nicholasville Rd
0391Bus Shelter #2274 Ave of Champions
0393BUS SHELTER #7440 Cooper Dr
0394Bus Shelter #6355 Cooper Dr
0397Bus Shelter #91608 University Court
0398Bus Shelter #10599 S.Upper St
0399Bus Shelter #11639 S.Limestone
0400Ellen H. Richards House630 Maxwelton Ct
0401Weldon House635 Maxwelton Ct
0403Weldon House Unit 2635 Maxwelton Ct
0413Softball/Soccer Locker Rooms556 Wildcat Ct
0417660 South Limestone660 South Limestone
0419Bus Shelter #13790 Rose Street
0420424 Euclid Avenue424 Euclid Avenue
0432Commonwealth House226 E Maxwell St
0442Ligon House658 S Limestone St
0446John Cropp Softball Stadium570 Wildcat Ct
0447Hitting Pavilion558 Wildcat Ct
0448Football Storage Shed710 Sports Center Dr
0449Shively Grounds Storage Bldg708 Sports Center Dr
0453Shively Grounds Bldg706 Sports Center Dr
0456W.T. Young Library401 Hilltop Ave
0462Sarah Bennett Holmes Hall111 Avenue of Champions
0463Cleona Belle Matthews Boyd Hall329 S Martin Luther King Blvd
0465Pavilion at Kroger Field1580 University Dr
0473505 Oldham Ct505 Oldham Ct.
0481LCC Academic Tech Building470 Cooper Dr.
0484Real Properties Garage518 Oldham Ct
0485Boone Tennis Stadium725 Sports Center Drive
0488Woodland Early Learning Center575 Woodland Ave
04891117 South Limestone1117 South Limestone
0490Environmental Quality Management355 Cooper Dr
0491Ecological Research Facility1685 Russell Cave Rd
0494Stuckert Career Center408 Rose St
0495James F. Hardymon Communications Bldg301 Rose St
0503Ralph G Anderson Building (Mech Eng)506 Administration Drive
0504Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI)447 Pennsylvania Ave
0505Kappa Sigma Fraternity441 Pennsylvania Ave
0507Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity410 Rose Lane
0509Biomedical Biological Sciences Research Building (BBSRB)741 S. Limestone
0514Central Utility Plant #4751 Press Avenue
0517College of Medicine Learning Center807 S. Limestone
0518BBSRB Generator Building761 Press Avenue
0564630 South Broadway630 South Broadway
0565John T. Smith Hall740 Woodland Ave
0566Dale E. Baldwin Hall701 Sports Center Dr
0567Margaret Ingels Hall705 Sports Center Dr
0568David P. Roselle Hall125 Avenue of Champions
0571Parking Structure #6721 Press Avenue
0572Parking Structure #7721 Sports Center Drive
0582University Health Service830 S. Limestone
0585Baseball Training Pavilion702 Sports Center Drive
0592Storage Shed485 Stadium View
0596Lee T. Todd, Jr. Building789 S Limestone
0601Parking Structure #8110 Transcript Ave
0602Patient Care Facility (Pavilion A)1000 S Limestone
0603WUKY PBS Antenna and Transmitter Shelter4060 IGO Rd
0604Joe Craft Center338 Lexington Avenue
0611Medical Office Building (Samaritan)125 E. Maxwell St
0612Good Samaritan Chiller Building320 S. Limestone
0613Good Samaritan Parking Structure330 S. Limestone
0616Seaton Center Storage1214 University Dr
0618MacAdam Student Observatory538 Rose St
0620Aviary Facility1689 Russell Cave
0633Davis Marksbury Building329 Rose Street
0634UK/Lexmark Center for Innovation in Math and Science Education1737 Russell Cave Rd
0635Northside Maintenance Building1749 Russell Cave Rd
0644Wildcat Coal Lodge318 College View Ave
0651Mandrell Hall635 S Limestone
0652Bosworth Hall631 S Limestone
0653Sanders Hall629 S Limestone
0654Building 100625 S Limestone, Bldg 100
0655Building 200625 S Limestone, Bldg 200
0656Building 300625 S Limestone, Bldg 300
0657Building 400621 S Limestone
0658Maintenance Bldg627 Maxwelton Ct
0659Gas Building623 Maxwelton Ct
0660Maxwelton Ct Apts #1633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #1
0661Maxwelton Ct Apts #2633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #2
0662Maxwelton Ct Apts #3633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #3
0663Maxwelton Ct Apts #4633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #4
0664Maxwelton Ct Apts #5633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #5
0665Maxwelton Ct Apts #6633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #6
0666Maxwelton Ct Apts #7633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #7
0667Maxwelton Ct Apts #8633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #8
0668Maxwelton Ct Apts #9633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #9
0669Maxwelton Ct Apts #10633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #10
0670Maxwelton Ct Apts #11633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #11
0671Maxwelton Ct Apts #12633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #12
0672Maxwelton Ct Apts #13633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #13
0673Maxwelton Ct Apts #14633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #14
0674Maxwelton Ct Apts #15633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #15
0675Maxwelton Ct Apts #16633 Maxwelton Ct, Apts #16
0676Bill Gatton Student Center160 Avenue of Champions
0677University Flats1160 University Dr
0678Lewis Hall1120 University Dr
0679Healthy Kentucky Research Building760 Press Ave
0680WUKY, CFA, School of Music2640 Spurr Rd
0682Kentucky Proud Park510 Wildcat Ct
0690441 Rose Ln441 Rose Ln
0695Blue Lot Bus Shelter1590 University Dr
0698Waller Health Care Annex 1115 Waller Ave
0699Waller Health Care Annex 2109 Waller Ave
0700Equip Storage PL295 Alumni Dr
0701Equip Storage Field295 Alumni Dr
0702Soccer Support Building551 Wildcat Ct
0703Senior Center1530 Nicholasville Rd
0708Kiln Enclosure Building236 Bolivar St
0711Orange Lot Bus Shelter1591 University Dr
0712430 Transylvania Park430 Transylvania Park
0713463 Rose Ln463 Rose Ln
0715600 S Broadway600 S Broadway
0717156 Leader Ave156 Leader Ave
0718125 State Street125 State Street
1200Electric Substation #1196 Hospital Dr
1201Electric Substation #3829 Press Ave
2102New Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (In Construction)408 Pennsylvania Ave
2103Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity (In Construction)405 Pennsylvania Ct
2255Albert Stewart HouseHwy 80/Hindman
2500Ky Geological Survey 
3293MC/DOT Storage2099 Newtown Pike
91271101 South Limestone1101 South Limestone
9733Professional Arts Center135 East Maxwell
9847Polk-Dalton Clinic217 Elm Tree Ln
9854Anthropology Research Building1020 Export St
9875Vaughan Warehouse and Office1247 Versailles Rd
9876Vaughan Warehouse #1554 S Forbes Rd
9877Vaughan Warehouse #2554 S Forbes Rd
9878Vaughan Warehouse #7558 S Forbes Rd
9879Vaughan Warehouse #3554 S Forbes Rd
9881Vaughan Warehouse #4554 S Forbes Rd
9882Vaughan Warehouse #5554 S Forbes Rd
9920315 Hospital Dr. Ste 1 
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